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Bristol Institute of Legal Practice at the University of the West of England Review

UWE Bristol LPCHere’s an in depth review of the UWE Bristol LPC. See what past LPC students think of the legal practice course at Bristol Law School and add your own comments below.

The Bristol Institute of Legal Practice at the University of the West of England is a leading provider of the Legal Practice Course that has been continuously graded as ‘excellent’ by the Law Society and the Solicitors Regulation Authority from 1996-2006. The Bristol Law School LPC has held the highest possible rating of ‘commendable practice’ in every area of the program.

If you decide to apply at the Bristol Law School for your Legal Practice Course, you are assured of the high academic standards set by the University of the West of England.  The UWE LPC boasts of an experienced team of practitioner tutors committed to delivering a high quality of teaching.  The Bristol Law School LPC course is not only designed to individually prepare each student to pass the examinations, but to develop critical skills and a keen awareness of how legal practice works to enable them to obtain a training contract.

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Bristol Institute Of Legal Practice (UWE LPC) Ranking

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Bristol UWE Legal Practice Course Contact Details


Bristol Law School
University of the West of England
Frenchay Campus
Coldharbour Lane
BS16 1QY
United Kingdom

Telephone:                        +44 (0) 117 32 82604

Fax:                                        +44 (0) 117 32 82268

Email address:                  bilpinfo@uwe.ac.uk

Website:                               UWE Bristol LPC 

Bristol UWE LPC Facilities

The Legal Practice Course at the University of the West of England has a building with spacious and modern rooms dedicated for LPC teaching, and common rooms which are learning environments ideal for scheduled workshops and private study.

All LPC teaching occurs in face-to-face, practice-based workshops of 14-16 students only. The group to which you are assigned upon enrollment will be the same group of students you will be working with all through Stage 1. This encourages a friendly atmosphere and a cohesive and collaborative camaraderie among the students.

LPC students also have access to the UWE’s university library and sports facilities.

Bristol UWE LPC Online Learning

The Legal Practice Course at the Bristol Law School is mainly delivered via face to face workshops.  However, these are supplemented and supported by video and online presentations.

Those enrolled in the part time LPC will be given access to the UWE’s open learning portal and electronic library for their preparatory work prior to the actual workshops and will be allowed to turn in written work via distance learning.

Bristol UWE LPC Distance Learning

At this time, there is no Distance Learning option for the Legal Practice Course at the Bristol Law School.

Bristol UWE Legal Practice Course Electives

At the Bristol Law School LPC, the electives offered for Stage 2 are wide ranging and include:

  • Child Care,
  • Family Law,
  • Employment Law,
  • Law & the Elderly Client,
  • Housing Law,
  • Mental Health Law,
  • Planning and Environmental Law,
  • Commercial Law,
  • Commercial Leases,
  • Sales and Acquisitions,
  • Intellectual Property,
  • Corporate Finance
  • Advanced Insolvency.

To those who are interested in the issues, problems and disputes regarding intellectual property and privacy rights in the areas of mass media and the internet, the Bristol Law School LPC offers two novel electives which are not offered by other Legal Practice Course providers:  Media and Entertainment, and Website Acquisition.  These courses are relevant because commercial activity through the media and the internet is expanding exponentially.

UWE Bristol Law School Legal Practice Course Study Hours

Full time LPC program:

For the full-time LPC, the program runs from September to June:  25 weeks of full time study plus periods of revision and assessment.  The full time LPC at the UWE is preferred by those students who not only wish to obtain vocational training required by the SRA so that they can qualify as solicitors but, also desire to continue their studies toward a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Full time LPC at Bristol Law School LPC limits the students’ time on site to 2 days or a combination of one full day and two half days.

For Stage 1, the three core subject areas of Business Law and Practice, Property Law and Practice and Civil and Criminal Litigation will be covered.  Also, there will be training in the key legal skills of Interviewing and Advising, Practical Legal Research, Legal writing, Drafting, Advocacy.  The additional areas of Solicitor’s Accounts, Professional Conduct and Regulations, Wills and Administration of Estates and Taxation will also be taken up.

For Stage 2, students may choose three vocational electives to pursue a specialist career path.  There are 16 vocational elective subjects, 3 are required by the SRA but students can study more than 3 if they wish.

Part time LPC Program:

The part-time LPC at Bristol University offers the same content as the full time LPC but it is taken in two years.  Stage 1 of the part-time LPC also runs from September to March of the first year when the core practice area of Business Law and Practice is taken along with training in the skills of Interviewing and Advising, Practical Legal Research and Drafting; the areas of Professional Conduct and Regulations and Wills and Administrations of Estate and Taxation are also covered. From March to June of the first year of the part time LPC, the areas of Solicitor’s Accounts and 1 Vocational Elective will be studied.

In September to March of the second year, the core practice areas of Property Law and Practice, Civil and Criminal Litigation will be taken up and the skill of Advocacy will be studied. And from March to June of the second year, two vocational courses will be assigned.

Students in the part time program at Bristol Law School LPC also have two time tabled schedules from which to choose:

The first option limits the students’ time on site to 10 teaching sessions which take place every 3-4 weeks from September to June in each academic year.  Most are two day sessions each with five timetabled workshops scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays. But part time students are still required to also attend assessments held at various stages throughout the course.

The second option limits the students’ time to one day sessions weekly at the University from September to June in each academic year. Where there are two timetables workshops on each study day.

UWE LPC Admissions Requirements  / Application

Students wishing to enroll in the full time LPC have to apply with the Central Applications Board.  Those who wish to enroll in the part-time program at Bristol University LPC have to apply directly at the Bristol Institute of Legal Practice which may be found at the Bristol Law School.

All who wish to apply must present evidence of completion of the academic stage of training with confirmation from the SRA.  The student must also enroll with the SRA.  Applicants to the Legal Practice Course need to have completed the academic stage and have a recent law degree or a Graduate Diploma in Law or appropriate professional qualifications which the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority accepts as equivalent.

Bristol UWE LPC Fees

LPC Full time:  £8500

Part time Year 1  £4475

Part time Year 2  £4475

(This does not include the membership fee you have to pay the Law Society and the registration fee for the SRA. But it does include all the course manuals and all materials.)

Bristol Law School LPC Open Days

The Institute of Legal Practice of the Bristol Law School hosts LPC Open Days in November.  The University of the West of England also hosts law fairs where applicants may visit the campus, tour the building, the library and the classrooms, and also meet and speak with the lecturers and tutors about enrolling at the Bristol University LPC.

Bristol UWE LPC Careers Service

The Bristol Law School assigns a pre-course tutor to each student who applies for a place in the Legal Practice Course. The pre-course tutor will not only orient the student with the regulations of the program, but also help the student in planning which vocational electives to take. There is also the supervising principal and a dedicated LPC careers officer who meet regularly with students in order to assist them in looking for a placement, in applying for a legal training contract, helping them write their CVs and giving them interview tips.

The UWE regularly offer its students not only career assessment guidance but also recruitment services through fairs and events scheduled throughout the year.

UWE LPC – Additional Information

The UWE LPC is proud of its award-winning ProBono Unit where LPC students can get the practical experience of acting for real clients.  It won a prestigious award from the Attorney General for offering free legal support to victims of domestic abuse.  Founded in 2008, it is the only university Pro Bono service shortlisted for an award by The Lawyer.  It has three on-going projects where LPC students may train:

  1. Street Law – where LPC students deliver interactive sessions in schools, colleges and community groups, often lecturing on legal rights and responsibilities.
  2. Innocence Project – where LPC students experience how to help those convicted and serving jail sentences prove their wrongful conviction with emerging new evidence gathering techniques;
  3. Community Legal Advice and Representation Service (CLARS)- LPC students give legal advice and assistance to members of the public under the supervision of a professionally qualified legal practitioner.

University of the West of England LPC Reviews – What do you think?

What do you think of the Bristol Law School LPC?

The following are quoted from the website of the Bristol UWE LPC.  Here is what the graduates of the Bristol Law School LPC have to say:

“What stands out for me about my year on the LPC at UWE was the enjoyable working environment. I would recommend BILP to anyone who wants to be taught in a professional, dedicated and friendly manner that ensures they leave the course professional themselves” Alison Baker

“Shortly after I had finished the LPC I had secured a paralegal job and a training contract. What helped me was the emphasis on support provided by the LPC staff at UWE” Danielle Spalding

As I didn’t have a Training Contract when I started the LPC I found the regular careers events very helpful. The teaching staff all gave me their time freely to look over my CV and talk about career options and interview techniques. I believe that my success in securing a training contract was largely attributable to the help and support that I received at UWE.” Amy Gordon

Let us know what you think of the Bristol Law school and the Bristol UWE LPC:


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UWE LPC Review – Here’s an in depth review of the UWE LPC. See what past LPC students think of the legal practice course at Bristol Law School and add your own comments below.


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