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University of Hertfordshire Legal Practice Course Review

University of Hertfordshire LPCThe University of Hertfordshire has been offering the Legal Practice Course for fifteen years.   The full time one-year Legal Practice Court has just been validated by the SRA in a recently concluded consultation exercise relating to the professional stage of training.

The Hertfordshire LPC offers a dynamic teaching approach and an innovative range of electives.  Theirs is a hybrid programme that allows students a considerable flexibility in managing their studies.  Classes are delivered through a mixture of traditional face-to-face teaching in large group sessions and workshops and distance learning through an intranet system.  It is for this reason that in the National Student Survey, Hertfordshire LPC garnered a 90% performance rating.

Specializations are offered in Corporate Finance, Commercial law, Private client and Dispute resolution at the University of Hertfordshire de Havilland campus.

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University of Hertfordshire LPC Contact Details


School of Law
University of Hertfordshire
AL 10 9EU

Telephone:      01707 284800


Website:      University of Hertfordshire LPC

University of Hertfordshire LPC Facilities

The Law Building at the de Havilland campus is new and construction reportedly cost around £10 million.  Facilities include a court room, a mediation centre and a Law clinic. There is also a dedicated Learning Resources Centre which incorporates a library and computer centre.  Students at Hertfordshire LPC begin their course of study with an introduction programme on how to use the Learning Resources in order to acquaint them with the extensive electronic and learning resources.

University of Hertfordshire LPC Online Learning

The Hertfordshire LPC is delivered through large group sessions which are simultaneously offered online with embedded multiple choice questions to assess the students’ understanding. The learning module provides links to precedents and other online resources.

The Hertfordshire LPC workshops take place both fact to face and online, allowing students to work collaboratively and individually to undertake research, writing and drafting exercises in order to apply their knowledge of law and practice to case study material.

At the Hertfordshire LPC, students are provided with a mini-computer to aid them with their online study together will all manuals required for the program.  Weekly online workshops give tasks via the intranet service of the University of Hertfordshire, Studynet.

University of Hertfordshire LPC Distance Learning

The Hertfordshire LPC while being a campus-based programme offers distance learning for more flexibility.  Around 60% of the programme is delivered online.  Face to face attendance is kept to 1 day per week for the majority of the academic year.

University of Hertfordshire LPC Electives

The electives offered by the Hertfordshire LPC respond to the demands of corporate and commercial law firms. They offer electives in:

  • Commercial Law
  • Securities And Insolvency
  • Employment Law
  • Commercial Property
  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Private Client
  • Advanced Litigation
  • Information Technology
  • Intellectual Property
  • Mediation.

The Intellectual Property elective will be favorable for those students who seek partial exemptions to the Patent and Trade Mark Attorney Examinations.  The Mediation elective is the first within the UK.  It supports students to become fully-accredited Mediators and will be based in the School of Law’s new Mediation Centre.  It will be the training hub for the region’s mediators.

University of Hertfordshire LPC Study Hours

The Hertfordshire LPC delivers only the full time Legal Practice Course which may be completed in one year.  There is no part-time LPC at the University of Hertfordshire.

The course commences with two full weeks of face-to-face study at the beginning of Stage 1 in September and in January.   Attendance is compulsory as these weeks are an integral part of the programme of study.

Students generally attend one day per week for face to face sessions, though additional attendance is required in some weeks for skills training assessment and for written examinations.

University of Hertfordshire LPC Admission Requirements / Application

Applicants to the Hertfordshire LPC are required to have:  a minimum of a lower second class LLB honours; or Joint Honours degree;   or pass the GDL in Legal Studies; or any other qualifications approved as an equivalent by the SRA. There must also be a certificate showing completion of the academic stage of training and student membership in the Law Society.

University of Hertfordshire LPC Fees

The fee for the full-time Hertfordshire LPC is £9,600 for one year.

University of Hertfordshire LPC Open days

Personal tours may be made on request.  But, throughout the year, the University of Hertfordshire holds University Open Days.  Individual schools also hold open days.  There are also postgraduate open days where applicants can meet the academic staff and the current students.

University of Hertfordshire LPC Careers Service

The Hertfordshire LPC guarantees work placement for students to gain valuable experience because their research shows that over 70% of employers prefer students with work experience.  The work placement scheme’s purpose is for students to explore career possibilities and make potentially valuable contacts.

The Hertfordshire LPC offers its students a careers support service named Graduate Futures. The Program Director of Graduate Futures provides support, advice to students in academic difficulty, and guidance in disciplinary processes.

The Hertfordshire LPC also assigns student support tutors who provide pastoral care and academic support.  The Student Services Centre at Hatfield provides advice on finance, legal matters, and accommodation.

A School Careers Officer and a Professional Liaison Officer give career guidance and support for all current and graduate students together with a careers service for all current students and graduates.

University of Hertfordshire LPC Additional Information 

Once completed, the Hertfordshire LPC can be continued on to an LLM degree in Legal Practice.  This will enable the student to join the LLM programme and obtain a full masters-level qualification by undertaking an internship. After completing the internship program, studies may be extended for yet another year to gain a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Studies.

The Hertfordshire LPC also offers simulated courtroom experience through its Mock Trials.  While its Street Law program gives the Hertfordshire LPC students the experience of giving interactive lectures to high school and college students about legal issues and legal rights.

University of Hertfordshire LPC Review – What do you think?

What do you think of the University of Hertfordshire LPC?

Here is a comment from a graduate of the University of Hertfordshire LPC that we found on their website:

Arifah Begum: Law graduate 2009, currently studying LPC at UH

The university provided various optional modules that could be studied along with the core ones and this helped me decide what electives I would like to do on the Legal Practice Course.  Also I feel that the university has helped me become more confident and independent, not just academically but socially too.”

I am doing my Legal Practice Course at University of Herfordshire….I enjoy the way the workshops provide students with a more practical way of learning i.e. writing letters of advice to clients and how to interview them, which they will encounter in legal practice…I chose the University because… it provided exclusive facilities for law students such as a specialist law library, it had its own court room and was situated close to the courts; making it an ideal place to study,”

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