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Oxford Institute of Legal Practice (OXILP) Legal Practice Course Review

Oxford Brookes University LPCThe Oxford Institute of Legal Practice was established in 1993 when the Brookes University and the University of Oxford created a joint foundation to specialize in the delivery of the Legal Practice Course. Brookes University has had a reputation for consistent sound academic and legal training.  Linking with the United Kingdom’s oldest university enabled its students to enjoy the best of both worlds and utilise the facilities and expertise of both institutions.

The Oxford Brookes LPC programme was awarded ‘Commendable Practice’ across all six areas of assessment by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Students on the OXILP LPC enjoy exceptional pass rates. And its graduates are pursuing legal training careers in the country’s top law firms.  The location of the Oxford Brookes University LPC means that students have the opportunity to obtain legal training contracts in local and City of London legal firms.

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Oxford Brookes LPC Contact Details

To tour the facilities of the OXILP LPC visit them at:

Oxford Brookes University
Headington Campus
Gipsy Land

For general enquiries, contact them through:

Email query@brookes.ac.uk

Telephone:      +44 (0) 1865 74 1111

Telephone:      +44 (0) 1865 484848

For applicants to the Part Time Oxford Brookes LPC contact: The LPC Program Administrator

By telephone:              01865 484931 or

email law@brookes.ac.uk

Website: Oxford Brookes University LPC 

Oxford Institute of Legal Practice LPC Facilities

Since September 2008, the OXILP LPC has moved from its former location at King Charles House, near Worcester College in Oxford to Oxford Brookes University’s Headington Campus. Oxford is a ‘student town’ with a deep history of learning. It is about 45 minutes away from London via train and the Oxford Tube.

Oxford Brookes LPC students have access to excellent resources centres and libraries, especially the world-renowned Bodelian Law Library of Oxford University. They benefit not only from the library facilities of both Oxford Brookes University and Oxford University but the sports facilities of both universities as well.
Brookes University’s School of Law houses the OXILP LPC in Headington Hill Hall, a mansion dating back to 1771.  It has excellent IT facilities and students are given sufficient space on the university’s network for all academic work and an oxlip.ac.uk email address.

OXILP Legal Practice LPC Online Learning

There is no dedicated online learning programme for the Oxford Brookes LPC where teaching is through lectures, workshops, seminars and one-on-one tutorial sessions.  Interactive group sessions foster collaborative work ethics among students, a definite skill necessary for work in a legal firm. However, lectures and workshops are supplemented by computer-generated simulation software to promote a commercial awareness about running a law firm as a business.

Oxford Brookes LPC Distance Learning

No distance learning option is available, however, on the part-time OXILP LPC, lectures are delivered on a podcast.  This gives students the option to fit their learning around their other personal or professional commitments.

Oxford Brookes LPC Electives

The electives offered at the OXILP LPC are:

  • Commercial Law
  • Commercial Property
  • Debt Finance
  • Employment Law
  • Equity Finance
  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence
  • Private Acquisitions
  • Private Client
  • Criminal Litigation

At Oxford Brookes LPC, there is an optional commercial awareness component, where students learn about the law firm as a business, how it is marketed and how its finances work.

Oxford Brookes LPC Study Hours

The OXILP LPC is broad-based:  it is suitable for students who wish to specialize in a commercial as well as a non-commercial legal practice.  This prepares students for employment in large city firms, regional commercial firms and a local high street practice.

The Oxford Brookes LPC has a small number of staff compared to larger law schools but this does not compromise the quality of education.   In all the compulsory and elective modules, students are assessed to determine if they have reached competence in the subject matter.  A student who receives a “not yet competent” mark will be required to take an exam in that particular area until they achieve competency.  Modules can be taken up a maximum of three times.
Each student at OXILP LPC is assigned a personal tutor and each student will be assigned to a group which will be their teaching group for the entire term covering the compulsory module.  But the groups are split in the final term depending on their chosen electives.  The full-time Oxford Brookes LPC is for 9 months and students may opt to study two, three or four days a week (subject to availability). The option of a two day attendance is made more flexible with podcast lectures and small group sessions concentrated into two days.

Students on the OXILP LPC Part-time programme complete their studies over six terms (two years).  They attend the university for eleven weekends per year.  And they may choose a Friday to Sunday schedule or a Saturday to Monday schedule. Or, they may opt to study on the Oxford Brookes LPC part-time weekday programme and attend for one day during the week.

Oxford Brookes LPC Admission Requirements/ Application

Applicants to the OXILP LPC must have a qualifying law degree (minimum 2:2) or GDL; they must have evidence of their motivation to be a solicitor. They may download guidance notes for application (in PDF format) from the website.

Oxford Brookes LPC Fees

OXILP LPC is relatively expensive because of the high quality of teaching, its ties with the oldest university in the world and its excellent location.  Applicants must contact the LPC Administrator for current fees.  Assuredly, the fee includes the cost of all texts and course materials but it does not include the SRA student registration fee.The good news is that you may enquire about student finance at this dedicated number: +44 (0) 1865 483088.

Oxford Brookes LPC Open Days

The OXILP LPC Open Day is held annually in December.  There is also the University Post Graduate Fair – a recruitment fair scheduled in February and April.

Oxford Brookes LPC Careers Service

OXILP LPC is interested in helping their students get their legal careers started:

  • Every Oxford Brookes LPC student is allocated not only his own academic tutor but also a personal careers tutor.
  • During the year there are timetabled career seminars. These are group discussions led by one of the tutors to offer help and advice with applications for training contracts. These career seminars also give some helpful hints on what employers expect to see in an effective CV and covering letter.
  • There is a careers notice board at the institute where vacancies are posted and regular emails are sent by the administration team regarding current vacancies.
  • Students can also make use of the Oxford University career facilities or the Oxford Brookes careers facilities.
  • Strong links with the legal community of the OXILP LPC guarantee that vacancies are circulated via email and some of them come directly to recruit.
  • Specialist Careers Counsellors at the Careers Centre offer mock interviews and workshops, employer events, and even psychometric testing.
  • OXILP LPC students also have access to the University of Oxford Careers Service.
  • The Brookes University School of Law hosts the Thames Valley Law Fair at Headington Hill Hall. This gives students the opportunity to meet potential employers who will be able to offer training contracts to promising candidates.

Oxford Brookes LPC Additional Information

  • At OXILP LPC, tutors are available for one-on-one consultation in academics or for careers development.
  • Completing the Oxford Brookes LPC may lead to an LLM in Professional Legal Practice.
  • Students who complete the LPC at the Oxford Brookes School of Law will be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice jointly by Oxford Brookes University and the University of Oxford.
  • The OXILP LPC’s Pro Bono program was the winner of the National Pro Bono Prize. This scheme benefits the students as it develops their client interviewing skills but it also benefits the community.
  • Oxford Brookes LPC students have competed and gone on to win the regional and national finals of the Client Interviewing Competition of England and Wales.

Oxford Brookes University Legal Practice Course Review – What do you think?

What do you think of the OXILP LPC?  Here’s what two students says of the Oxford Institute of Legal Practice LPC

“I wanted an LPC provider that would offer me excellent teaching, strong career services support … once I visited the Oxford Institute of Legal Practice open day, I saw that it was offering exactly what I was looking for. At the time, I felt the most persuasive quality of OXILP, along with the high quality teaching, was that every LPC student would be allocated a personal careers tutor to help them secure a training contract.  During the year, the Thames Valley Commercial Law Fair, organised by OXILP, gave me the platform to meet local and national commercial firms. As a result of this, I managed to secure a work placement with a reputable Oxford firm to build my legal work experience.” Conor Ducie

“I was attracted to Brookes for its reputation for giving a thorough background in various legal subjects. The teaching is excellent… The Legal Research Project allowed me to explore areas of law that interest me, and will be of use later in my legal career…  The pro bono and mooting opportunities at the university provide excellent opportunities for personal and professional development….Oxford Brookes is a great institution with good facilities, and my fellow students have been some of the most driven and enthusiastic people I have ever met.”  Rachael Butcher

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