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Kaplan Law School Legal Practice Course Review

Kaplan Law School LPCKaplan Law School belongs to one of the world’s largest training companies. Their parent company is the Washington Post Group. In 2008 Kaplan Inc. served more than 1,000,000 students worldwide and delivered over 600,000 courses to individual and corporate clients.

Both Kaplan and the Washington Post Group are committed to education and to providing the very best Legal Practice Course.  They work with Nottingham Law School to deliver their LPC. The Kaplan LPC combines the teaching methodology and law course design of the Nottingham Law School and the extensive educational and training expertise of Kaplan, Inc.

The Kaplan Law School LPC has two campuses in London:  one in Greenwich and the other in Central London near the London Bridge.  Both campuses are at the heart of London’s business and historic district.

Kaplan Law School LPC may be a relatively new provider and their student population is small, but their small size reflects their exclusivity: admission into Kaplan is competitive.  Their size also reflects their intention to provide personal instruction and guidance:  they do not aim to manufacture solicitors on a conveyor belt.

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Kaplan Law School Contact Details

Kaplan Law School
Palace House
3 Cathedral Street

Telephone:                   020 7367 6400
Email:                          info@kaplanlawschool.org.uk

Website: Kaplan Law School LPC

Kaplan Law School LPC Facilities

Kaplan Law School is very accessible by public transport.  It is just a five-minute walk from London Bridge Station.

The facilities on campus are absolutely top notch:

  • Their building is small but the tutorial rooms are fitted with the standard whiteboard-projector-flipchart combination, and seat up to 15.
  • The library is adequately stocked and well serviced.
  • There are also two main computer rooms, with plenty of units. There’s even a direct line to Nottingham for IT assistance.
  • The student break out area is a café style area with internet access and refreshment facilities including a daily catering service, providing students with the ideal space to relax outside of class. It is also used to host fundraising events.
  • Lockers are available to all students so they do not have to carry all their books around with them the whole day.
  • Kaplan LPC students have access to the IT infrastructure of Nottingham Law School, it’s partner and affiliate in providing the LPC.

Kaplan Law School Legal Practice Course Online Learning

The emphasis of Kaplan LPC is face-to-face learning through small group sessions and large group session.  The virtual and e-learning are kept to a minimum and only used during the revision stage where it is needed to reinforce what has already been learned.

Although the entire law school and especially the law school is equipped with free wireless access and internet-enabled PCs. There is no dedicated online learning for the LPC program.  To some the lack of online LPC learning may seem too traditional but it has its advantages:

  • Kaplan LPC has excellent law exam pass rates with a high percentage of students obtaining distinctions;
  • ‘Live’ lectures are delivered by expert faculty with relevant and recent practice experience;
  • The faculty office hours are generous and provides additional student support;
  • Interactive group work develops the skills needed for the workplace;
  • Face-to-fact learning fosters interactive group work that develops the skills needed for the workplace.  It is for this reason that Kaplan LPC has the highest student satisfaction rates.

Kaplan Law School LPC Distance Learning

There is no dedicated distance learning for the Kaplan LPC because their emphasis is on face-to-face learning and interactive group work.  But also, Kaplan LPC is the choice of leading London law firms as the provider to train their employees who are already on training contracts.

Kaplan Law School Legal Practice Course Electives

The course follows the strict guidelines set by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  The electives they offer differ little from the electives most providers offer, but at Kaplan LPC, they have a more commercial slant.  This is quite useful and advantageous to their students who are already working in law firms and big organizations in London.

Kaplan Law School LPC Study Hours

There is no part-time at Kaplan LPC.  And because competition is stiff and class sizes are small, they get to know their students personally. As a result, they tailor fit the vocational legal training experience to suit their needs and their capabilities.

At Kaplan LPC, expect a legal teaching methodology that guarantees more face to face time with lecturers through classroom contact and through a “Personal Tutor” system.

Kaplan Law School LPC Admission Requirements / Application

All applications must be submitted online via Lawcabs  Offers will be sent to applicants from the first week in November. If Kaplan LPC makes an offer, and the students accepts it, they will be supported by a graduate recruitment team which will conduct an initial consultation, review the student’s training contract application and conduct a mock interview;

Competition for acceptance into Kaplan LPC is intense. They look for a 2:1 or higher, a commitment to and understanding of the legal profession, good references and an excellent standard of English.

Successful graduates of the GDL at Kaplan Law School are guaranteed a place on our LPC.

Kaplan Law School LPC Fees

Kaplan LPC appreciates that money is tight. Students need only pay a non-refundable deposit of £50 to secure their place. A more substantial deposit will be required in June or July at a time when students are sure that this is the career for them.

Fees: full-time LPC: 10,500

Kaplan Law School LPC Open days

There are no open days, visits and tours are only open for those who personally book a one-on-one guided tour of their premises and facilities.

Kaplan Law School LPC Career Service

The Careers Office is within the main area of the school making them easily accessible because the aim of Kaplan LPC is to support students fully with their legal career aspirations and to help them make informed career choices. In order to do this, Kaplan LPC has:

  • A comprehensive legal careers library situated close to the student area.
  • A team of specialist advisers and personal tutors who work closely with the legal profession to give you up-to-date information and advice.
  • Tutors provide insights into different “cultures” of each firm, helping them make a more informed choice of firms to which they are best suited to apply.
  • Dedicated itself from the date the student is accepted to make sure that each student will get a training contract or pupilage.
  • A full programme of Law Careers Events each year.
  • Individual, confidential and regular consultations with a specialist team, which will provide guidance on a law career plan and an effective legal career search strategy.
  • Skills analysis, academics and achievement background, review of CVs, interview preparation;
  • Notifications of legal career opportunities and other networking events;
  • Exclusive partnerships with leading law firms to provide the best training and overall experience for their future trainees. Kaplan LPC works with firms to deliver practical modules that are tailored to the needs of their trainees.
  • An extensive events diary where law firms come in to present or host workshops giving  students plenty of opportunities to meet Graduate Recruiters and other law firm representatives.

Kaplan Law School LPC Additional Information

Kaplan LPC has a Pro Bono Programme  and a Legal Advice Centre  This is where students, under supervision, interview the clients, researched their problem and then provided them with a letter of advice.

Kaplan LPC also runs the Amicus programme where students get sent off for two weekends of training paid for by Kaplan LPC that allows students to become caseworkers assisting with preventing executions on death row in the US.

Kaplan LPC provides interactive experience with colleagues from truly diverse international backgrounds to enrich students’ learning experience and establish friends for life.

Kaplan Law School LPC Review — What do you think?

What do you think of the Kaplan Law School LPC?

Here are some comments from LPC students of the NCLT LPC, the partner and affiliate of the Kaplan Law School LPC that we found on their website:

 “…the law school was on hand to help us…The whole experience was excellent in allowing me to develop skills in real life situations and to feel much more prepared for my training contract.”  Jessica Standley

quite an amazing activity… we, as students, are able to represent people in court on council tax matters. We actually get to represent people before a district judge and try to keep them out of prison!… experiences were extremely valuable in developing me as a person, whilst also bolstering my CV.Michael

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