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Aberystwyth University LPC Centre for Legal PracticeAberystwyth University’s Centre for Legal Practice is a relative new comer to the LPC. They have only been offering it since 2006, but now also offer the opportunity to upgrade your LPC to an LLM in legal practice. Although new to the LPC, Aberystwyth University are the oldest Law Department in Wales (founded in 1901) with a very good reputation. Also being a small provider they have a few advantages over some of the big LPC providers and could be a good choice for you if you want to avoid the corporate city life.

At Aberystwyth you’re guaranteed to get personal attention from the experienced lecture staff and it has a much more homely and friendly atmosphere. They also invite local practitioners to give guest lectures and use their local contacts to ensure you have opportunities to gain experience in firms, local community agencies and county courts.

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NB: For those in the know Aberystwyth is affectionately known as ‘Aber’.

Aberystwyth University LPC Ranking

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Aberystwyth University LPC

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Aberystwyth University’s Centre for Legal Practice Contact Details


Department of Law and Criminology
Aberystwyth University
E Floor
Hugh Owen Building
SY23 3DY

Telephone: (01970) 622857
Fax: (01970) 622729
Email: studylpc@aber.ac.uk

Website: Aberystwyth University LPC

Aberystwyth University LPC Facilities

Aberystwyth University definitely look after their LPC students. They have a Resource Centre set aside for use only by LPC students. It has state-of-the-art IT facilities, practitioner support materials and a lounge area. Students also have access to free printing and copying as well as tea and coffee.

Aberystwyth University not only has a good law library, but also the National Library of Wales, one of only 5 copyright libraries in the UK. That’s one up on most LPC providers.

Aberystwyth University LPC Online Learning

Aberystwyth University focus and advantage is on personal, face to face and a direct teaching approach rather than relying on online resources and e-learning. This is great for you if you like personal interaction and not sure you have the self-discipline for self-directed learning.

Aberystwyth University LPC Distance Learning

No distance learning LPC option available.

Aberystwyth University LPC Electives

Aberystwyth has a more restricted choice of vocational electives, still enough for most students, but it might be a problem if there is a specific area of law you want to specialise in. You will choose three of the following subjects:

  • Advanced Commercial Law and Intellectual Property
  • Advanced Commercial Property, Planning and Environment
  • Advanced Criminal Practice
  • Employment Law and Practice
  • Family Law and Practice
  • Personal Injury and Medical Negligence
  • The Private Client

Aberystwyth University LPC Study Hours

Aberystwyth only has a full time option and less flexible study hours than some of the big LPC providers, but this need not be a big deal. The course starts in early September and ends in late June with breaks at Christmas, Easter and a reading week in the autumn.

Aberystwyth University LPC Admissions Requirements  / Application

  • A qualifying law degree
  • Graduate Diploma in Law/ CPE coupled with a non law degree (minimum lower second class honours)
  • Similar qualification such as ILEX
  • Work experience or other evidence of commitment to the profession
  • Assessments by referees, educational psychologists or medical practitioners
  • Performance at an interview (if applicable)
  • The LPC law course is in English so you don’t need to speak Welsh (support is available for Welsh speakers)
  • Applications should be submitted between October and December with offers being made in February, although you may be able to make a late application if places are still available.
  • As with all other LPC law schools, admission applications are handled via the Central Applications Board.

Aberystwyth University LPC Fees

Aberystwyth University Centre for Legal Practice LPC fees are just £8500 (and that includes free tea and coffee!). Definitely an option to consider if you’re on a budget.

Aberystwyth University Open Days

Maybe because Aber is smaller than most of the LPC providers, they have an Open Afternoon rather than an Open Day. You’ll not only get an overview of the LPC, the Legal Practice Centre but also advice on financing and gaining legal employment. You’ll find out about the social side of Aber and if some of the LPC Alumni are around to show you the town, you may find that your Open Afternoon finishes in the early hours of the morning!

Aberystwyth University Careers Service

Aberystwyth University put a lot of effort into careers support. They build pro-bono and careers sessions timetabled into your course. They make use of their local contacts so you’ll have opportunities to gain experience in firms, local community agencies and county courts.

If you have not got a training contract already, you’ll find the personal service offered at Aberystwyth very helpful.

Aberystwyth is not as remote from the rest of legal profession in England and Wales as you might think and in addition to specialist LPC Careers Adviser you’ll have access to University’s main career service.

Aberystwyth University – Additional LPC Information

Turn your LPC into an LLM

Once you’ve completed the LPC, you can, if you wish, opt to complete a dissertation of 20,000 words focusing on a particular aspect of Legal Practice in order to study for the award of an LLM in Legal Practice.  This can useful in boosting your career prospects and LLM does look good on your business card.

Study and practice in Welsh

Although mainly taught in English, you can study your LPC in Welsh at Aberystwyth University. If you intend to practice in Welsh courts, Aberystwyth University also offers an Advanced Criminal Advocacy module in Welsh.

Aberystwyth University, Centre of Legal Practice Reviews – What do you think?

What do you think of the Aberystwyth University LPC?

Here are some reviews we’ve found from Aberystwyth, Centre of Legal Practice students:

“Undoubtedly, the wisest decision I ever made. A practical approach, first class teaching facilities and a wealth of experience amongst all the staff make Aber the best environment in which to further your legal education.” Wendy Hopkins (From the Aber website)

“The LPC at Aber provides an easy going, supportive and challenging environment in which to reach your potential.” Cassie (From the Aber website)

The tutors were so accommodating – giving practical careers advice and mock interviews. They really helped me get my training contract.” Katie (From the Aber website)

Please add your comments on Aberystwyth University’s Centre for Legal Practice below to let other students know what you think of the Aberystwyth University LPC.

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