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Which are the best Legal Practice Course providers?

So you want to do the LPC and are looking for the best LPC providers? Well you’ve come to the right place.

choosing a LPC course providerWe’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the Legal Practice Course providers in the UK so that you can look through and find which of the LPC providers best meets your needs.

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Selecting an LPC provider need not be such an overwhelming task. In fact, your choice of Legal Practice Course provider may not be as vital to your future career success as you think.

All LPC providers are monitored by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). It is the SRA that sets the LPC course content to ensure all legal practice course providers meet the same standard and consistency.

Although important, the LPC is seen by many as a necessary formality so your choice of the LPC providers is not so critical – especially if you already have a training contract. In practice, most law firms are not that fussy about where you do your LPC. The main exception may be the ‘Magic Circle’ and some other big corporate firms, but as these recruit two years ahead you’ll already have a clear idea of which legal practice course provider they prefer if get a place with them.

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Choosing one of the ‘top’ LPC providers may not be such any advantage especially if you plan to practice outside London. Many regional firms prefer to offer training contracts to applicants who have chosen a local LPC provider. They view those who choose regional LPC providers are more likely to stay in the local area and with that firm in the long run.

Factors to consider when looking at LPC providers

As the LPC is regulated by the SRA you need to ensure you only apply to validated Legal Practice Course providers. All of the LPC providers listed below are official and regulated.

Other factors you can consider when looking at LPC providers are:

Location – do you want your LPC course provider to be near your home or perhaps in the city/region you wish to work?

Fees – Some of the London colleges are more expensive than other LPC providers, but if your training contract firm is paying your fees this may not be a concern.

Part time, full time or distance learning – all have pros and cons that could factor in your decision.

Quality of lecturing and tutors – this does vary, not just between law schools but also between lecturers within schools! However it is hard to ascertain. (A copy of the Legal Practice Companion will ensure you have the compulsory subjects covered whatever the quality of teaching.)

Which electives you wish to study – this is the biggest difference between LPC providers. Whilst some areas are compulsory the LPC contains a wide choice of electives. If you wish to specialise in certain areas of law you need to ensure your law college gives you that option.

Quality of careers advice and training contract support – this can be critical and worth looking into. It can make a big difference especially if your career path or training contract is still in doubt. Make sure you check out what resources and support the various LPC providers have available.

Open book or closed book exam – of course you still need to know your material with both optionsLPC providers - open or closed book exam?

but with open book exams you can take in all your notes plus an easy-to-reference copy of the Legal Practice Companion. Simply take it to a local printers, have the spine cut off and the text hole punched and you can take it as loose-leaf notes.

Your personal preference – different courses and locations resonate with different people so do your due diligence and check out different options. You may have your mind set on one Legal Practice Course provider,  but then find there are many other LPC providers that are more suited to your needs and personality.


Best Legal Practice Course (LPC) provider list

Below is a comprehensive list of the top LPC course providers in the UK. We will endeavour over time to add more details to this list and welcome feedback not just from students but also the LPC providers themselves. 

So don’t forget to check back and add your comments to help future LPC students decide which LPC course provider they should go with. We’d love to hear your experiences!

You have 40 LPC providers to choose from! Hopefully this will help with your research. If you are already on or completing your LPC, let us know what you think of the Legal Practice Course providers.


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