Getting to grips with the LPC – Part 1



Starting the Legal Practice Course can be quite overwhelming and even frustrating at times – so much material to get to grips with.

Fear no more! In this short video Jenny from Bloomsbury interviews expert LPC authors Gerald Montagu and Mark Weston and gets their advice on surviving the LPC!

In this video you will learn:

  • The key challenges and frustrations you’ll face on the LPC
  • How the LPC differs from your university studies
  • What steps you can take to overcome them
  • Don’t forget to watch part 2 for more great tips!

Watch how to overcome LPC frustrations part 2

Legal Practice Companion - "This book was a life saver"

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  1. Fantastic LPC survival kit! It would help to have access to all of the free materials in one area and obvious links to download the content rather than lots of different links to the same item

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